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Marketing, Brand and Storytelling Consultations

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Contact our filmmaker, executive producer, director, writer, and editor C.M. Conway (she/her) for consultations in marketing, brand and storytelling strategies. Expertise in integrating cinematic storytelling elements to enlighten, entertain or inspire action. She has made over 75 presentations to audiences in public venues.


Are you a filmmaker or studio that needs powerful storytelling within your film(s)? Or a marketing strategy to publicize your projects to the world? Comedies and dramas included.


Perhaps your organization would benefit from a dynamic update that includes storytelling to captivate; or you are a public speaker needing coaching to make a compelling presentation.


Clients include commercial and indie filmmakers, high-profile brands, nonprofit organizations, businesses, educators, professors, public speakers, bestselling authors, educational institutions, photographers, entrepreneurs and business professionals (nationally and internationally).


Sample press: Insider, TODAY.COM, NPR, New York Magazine, No Film School, U.S. News and World Report, The Hollywood Times, Authority Magazine, LIVE! IN THE BAY (KRON4), Hollywood Magic Image Magazine, Press Democrat, Sonoma County Gazette, Owl Guru, Circle Around and The Drive with Steve Jaxon and Harry Duke (KSRO).


Sample of press from our prior film:







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Our filmmaker pitched her new film in development Court(ship) at AFM, and landed in the AFM Guide:

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