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Adventures of Our New Film in Development

Script complete.

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We have a reputable nonprofit fiscal sponsor and our cinematographer is the award-winning Lisa Stoll, who collaborated with us on our last film, How to Successfully Fail in Hollywood.


Cicci is a free spirit, her single life upending while serving on a jury when Todd, a conservative widow, objects to a life-saving treatment for a queer woman of color. Their fates unravel to reveal they are inextricably intertwined. Are love and justice blind?

Our director C.M. Conway was chosen for one of 25 exclusive pitch spots for this film, at the Pitch Conference at the American Film Market in Los Angeles. Hundreds apply to pitch at this popular event with top industry professionals on stage, in front of a huge audience.

Categories: Romantic Comedy, Drama, LGBTQ+.

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Watch How to Successfully Fail in Hollywood available on Prime Video.


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